Tidy Transcriptomics For Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analyses**

Tidy Transcriptomics For Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analyses**

Author(s): Stefano Mangiola, Maria Doyle

Affiliation(s): Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Peter MacCallum Cancer Center

This workshop will present how to perform analysis of single-cell RNA sequencing data following the tidy data paradigm. The tidy data paradigm provides a standard way to organize data values within a dataset, where each variable is a column, each observation is a row, and data is manipulated using an easy-to-understand vocabulary. Most importantly, the data structure remains consistent across manipulation and analysis functions. This can be achieved with the integration of packages present in the R CRAN and Bioconductor ecosystem, including tidyseurat, tidySingleCellExperiment, tidyHeatmap and tidyverse. These packages are part of the tidytranscriptomics suite that introduces a tidy approach to RNA sequencing data representation and analysis.

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